Meet Ali Jean

This brand was created in part because of who I am and not who I am expected to be. The idea of conforming to an office environment with outdated principles became daunting with realizing we have one short life to live on this earth. I want to show my daughter that if you follow your passions and not the world, you are capable of anything! I have a passion for jewelry, design, fashion and for life in general. Jewelry not only compliments your outfit, but also makes you feel complete. I want everyone who wears my jewelry to look amazing and feel even better.

Ali Jean is my birth name.  I was named after my grandmother Almerinda and aunt Jeannette. I have so much admiration for my family and wonderful upbringing from my mother and father. Being a mother has made me realize that if you grew up in a safe and loving family - you should consider yourself lucky. I am grateful for it.

I have 25 years experience in the costume jewelry industry. I have travelled all over the world multiple times to trend research and develop product. My travels to China to partner with the best factories they have allows me to produce the highest quality of jewelry possible. All parts are sourced overseas and are hand manipulated in Rhode Island. During the pandemic I realized the importance of family and spending time with my young daughter. At that time I started Ali Jean.